Petro Poroshenko has just stepped on his western supporters’ narrative of a glorious, free and happy post-Maidan Ukraine, by rather embarrassingly banning a whole slew of people from setting foot in his country – including “at least three” BBC employees. Nobody seems to know why. Either because they are a “threat to national interests” or because they are helping the “terrorists.” The list is vague.

Andrew Roy, the BBC’s foreign editor, said “This is a shameful attack on media freedom,” but the BBC website is burying the story of their own journalists being banned inside another item about how the rebel elections are a “threat to peace.”

The Guardian reports the story but does its best with its headline to give the impression there’s some sanity behind it all…

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 00.04.06

And just can’t bring itself to condemn even this flagrant attack on journalistic freedom. After all, more than many other MSM…

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